Logo: Moozicfreak and cherry blossoms.

So I started working on my logo sometime with my friend Liza but unfortunately, I didnt get a chance to use it anywhere. I also wanted to include something to do with me and I am grateful for her idea of including a caricature.

Sometime this year Kumar Ranjan commented that his sister Vina was an animator on my random post and I had a caricature ready. Finally things picked up pace a couple of days ago and Vina helped me have a logo finalised.

So heres me sharing, why each of the elements are a part of it,

Moozicfreak :
Happened back in 6th grade while I was looking for a screen name without my actual name in it and i loved music back then. Since musicfreak wasn’t available, moozicfreak was the next best thing. Now if you google for it, you ll find a whole lot of pages on me. Its so unique unlike Heena Shah and continues to go along with me everywhere.

Cursive font of Moozicfreak :
Indicated the artist in me.

Yellow :
Obviously, because its my favourite colour since i was a baby.

Cherry Blossoms :
1. They are mostly associated with Japan and thats where I went on my first trip abroad by myself. Its one of my favourite countries and the one iv explored the most.
2. Moreover, the Japanese celebrate cherry blossoms because they resemble life. Life is just like these lovely flowers which will come and go without a clue. There are barely on the trees for a couple of week and it all depends on the weather. Similarly, life is so short and it must be enjoyed.
I am an engineer by passion but at the same time I must and want to continue to do other things that I enjoy instead of getting stuck in the rat race, unable to keep up the work life balance.

Blue : For the love of gorgeous skies, sunsets and cloudy days. For the love of nature and exploring more of it. For being more eco friendly by reducing and reusing.

Me (caricature) : This brand is about doing things I love to do. For now its postcards, posters and calendars but that might grow into something different. I didnt want to limit myself by specifying these things.

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