Kolkata to Pakyong by air.

Find all you need to know about getting into Sikkim through the SpiceJet flight from Kolkata, the tiniest yet most organic state of India right here.

Ever since I transferred from Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology in 2012, I have dreamt of coming back once the much awaited airport would open. And this was it, my chance was finally here.

Earlier one had to fly into Bagdogra, the closest airport to Sikkim but lies in West Bengal and take a cab or helicopter into Gangtok. But now, one can Fly directly into Pakyong saving about five hours of travel time. Pakyong airport, Sikkim’s first and only airport is about an hour’s drive from the capital city of Gangtok.

I heard flights can often be delayed or cancelled since they are mostly dependent on weather. Yet, it was worth taking a chance for the views are breath taking.

As of now only SpiceJet’s some 40 seater plane flies into this mountain top airport. The flights wings are in the upper part of the airplane body so I think most seats should give you amazing views. But I would still recommend sitting in the front half of the plane. For amazing Mount Everest and Mount Kanchenjunga views make sure to sit on the left side while flying from Kolkata to Pakyong. I unfortunately sat on the right and didn’t have much mountain views until some 15-20 mins before landing. It was interesting that the landing time was quite short, the airplane was a little shaky and there was just one toilet in the front.

Even though the airport is close to the border and will be used for defence purposes. There was no objection on clicking photos. Go take a walk and get clicked within the engineering marvel.

Once you go out you can get cabs which would cost about two thousand rupees or you can take the government bus available right in front of the arrivals to Gangtok which costed 70₹. Super cheap right? I chose the latter and the seats were quite comfortable! My bus driver was  saying that there’s small flights for now but soon there should be an approval for large flights!

I still can’t get over the amazing flight overlooking the gorgeous views of the river Teesta and some of the tallest snow capped peaks of the world. Are you excited to fly into Sikkim?

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