Everyday bestie : Tropicfeel Canyon

Tropicfeel canyon shoes with extra laces, knot stoppers and the bag.

This was my first contribution on Kickstarter, my money was only taken once shipping was promised and these Canyon babies arrived home in time and in wonderful health.

The packaging was so simple. I could tell the bag was different from the usual plastic. What made my day was the reminder that these shoes were made of 3.5 plastic bottles.

This bag came with laces so I can turn it into a backpack. I love how it netty on top so that my shoes can air out and the bottom, the opposite so all the dust doesn’t fall out.

I noticed the text on the boxes after I finished going gaga over these pretty travel shoes. All of it is so true and this box is definitely getting more chances and finally going to do in my compost box.

Overall its been an almost guilt free purchase. I haven’t used these shoes yet but I know my future with them is looking good.

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