I am a 27-year-old born and brought up in Mumbai, India who loves to explore. My goal is to keep learning for life and I hope you can be a part of it.

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What I do?

Currently, I am practising Aerial yoga.


I turn my photography into souvenirs - postcards and posters. Check out my shop to buy postcards.

I also write, exchange and collect postcards. I now have more than 700 postcards from at least 100 different countries.

I really care for unique, recipe and food cards.

Mechanical Engineer

I do structural analysis as my full-time job. But with flexible work hours and being able to work remotely, I manage to do everything I enjoy.

I always dreamt of a job where I could work how much ever I wanted to in a day and didn't have to feel like I was compromising on life and here I am living my dream.


I travel beyond sights and believe that the journey is truly important. Meeting locals and the cultural experience is always a priority.

I have been to twenty countries, 42 out of the 47 Japanese prefectures, all the Indian Union Territories and quite a bit of the Indian states.


Food is a major part of my exploration and I always make it a point to try something unusual off the menu.

I really enjoy cooking and experimenting with food. I always cook more than a single sized serving and lose track of time.

Japanese language

I hold a Diploma in the Japanese language which is the N4 JLPT level.

I flunked N3 by a few marks in 2015 but having lived in Japan for 2 years and visiting for the third time this June 2019, I have had the opportunity to practise my language skills with the natives.

I have volunteered at the world cosplay summit as an interpreter, made a couple of slides for an Indian Spices brand and taught some students.

I now continue to write postcards in Japanese and practice with locals whenever I have the opportunity. My next goal is to write the N2 JLPT exams.