I do structural analysis as my full-time job. But with flexible work hours and being able to work remotely, I manage to do everything I enjoy.

I always dreamt of a job where I could work how much ever I wanted to in a day and didn’t have to feel like I was compromising on life and here I am living my dream.


I travel beyond sights and believe that the journey is truly important. Meeting locals and the cultural experience is always a priority.

I have been to twenty countries, 42 out of the 47 Japanese prefectures, all the Indian Union Territories and quite a bit of the Indian states.


Food is a major part of my exploration and I always make it a point to try something unusual off the menu.

I really enjoy cooking and experimenting with food. I always cook more than a single sized serving and lose track of time.

Japanese language

I am currently enrolled at Mumbai University for the Advanced Japanese Diploma. I flunked N3 JLPT by a few marks in 2015 but having lived in Japan for 2 years and visiting for the third time this June 2019, I have had the opportunity to practice my language skills with the natives.

I made a couple of slides in Japanese for an Indian Spices brand as well as taught some students over video call.

I now continue to write postcards in Japanese and practice with locals whenever I have the opportunity. My next goal is to write the N2 JLPT exams.


I turn my photography into souvenirs – postcards and anything else possible. To shop, shoot me a message on @explorers.vault

I also write, exchange and collect postcards. I now have more than 700 postcards from at least 100 different countries.

I really care for unique, recipe and food cards.


Undergrad (1/2)

Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology 2010 – 2012

B.Tech Mechanical Engineering.

Won Photography competitions.

Undergrad (2/2)

Manipal Institute of Technology 2012 – 2014

B.E. Mechanical Engineering

Managed Team Manipal Racing

Photographer at the Editorial Board.

Optimised production at Paper Tree Pvt. Ltd.

Member of Swim Team, MIT.


IPS Waseda 2015 – 2017

M.E. Production Systems Engineering.

Worked as Mechanical Engineer at Struclab. Co. Ltd.

Studied Japanese language.

Taught English in Japan – Privately and at Schools.

Volunteered as an interpreter at the World Cosplay Summit.

Learnt Japanese calligraphy at the community centre.

Learnt Japanese cooking at community centre.

Made Sushi at the supermarket.

Engineering software
Foundation course on PRO E

CADD Centre, Mumbai (India)

PRO Engineer

Ansys, Autocad, Solidworks, Sketch up, Cadre Pro, Draftsight


Post graduate diploma

Welingkar School of Management 2014 – 2015

Diploma in Operations Management.

Critical Perspectives of Management

Coursera 2014

This MBA-level course examines aspects of modern management strategy through a critical lens to
examine their underlying foundations as well as their long-term outcomes, and provides an
introduction to the conceptual and theoretical language used in the study of management.

An Introduction to Operations Management

Coursera 2012

This course covered a quarter long MBA core course with a focus on analyzing and improving
business processes across a range of manufacturing and service applications.

Games without Chance: Combinatorial Game Theory

Coursera 2014

This advanced undergraduate course starts with the definition of combinatorial games and develops
the fundamental properties of these games.

Microeconomics Principles

Coursera 2013

Introduction to functions of individual-decision makers within the larger economic system. The nature and functions of product markets, theory of the firm under varying conditions of competition and
monopoly, and role of government in promoting efficiency in the economy.

Workshop on New Product Design

DSK ISD, Manipal (India)

Japanese Language


Mumbai University 2014 – 2015

Certificate in Japanese Language (N5 JLPT level)


Mumbai University 2017 – 2018

Diploma in Japanese language. (N4 JLPT level)

Advanced Diploma

Mumbai University 2020 – 2021

Diploma in Japanese language. (N3 JLPT level) (Ongoing)


Teacher training

2015 Fitness Studio 2019

Teacher training certificate in Aerial Yoga.

P1 Certificate

Fly Nirvana, Kamshet. 2008

Basic Paragliding Pilot training.

Basic Course

Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Darjeeling (India) 2015

Basic Mountaineering course

P2 certificate

Fly Nirvana, Kamshet. 2008

Advance Paragliding Pilot training.

Work Experience

University of Montenegro, Podgorica (Montenegro)

Mechanical Engineer (Intern) 2013

Researched Multi criteria decision making tools – Analytical Heirarchy Process (AHP) and AHP
with Entropy. Published a paper and concluded that AHP entropy was more objective than AHP.

Papers published:

1. Jelena Jovanović, Heena Shah, “Primjena MCDM metoda u procjeni značajnosti uticaja na životnu
sredinu”, Kvalitet & Izvrsnost Godina II Broj 7-8.2013 44-47, ISSN 2217-852X

2. Jelena Jovanovic, Heena Shah, Aleksandar Vujovic, Zdravko Krivokapic, “COMPARATIVE
International Quality Conference, May 23rd 2014, Center for Quality, Faculty of Engineering,
University of Kragujevac

3. Jelena Jovanovic, Heena Shah、Aleksandar Vujovic、Zdravko Krivokapic、”APPLICATION OF
Quality Research 8(4) 517–532、ISSN 1800-6450

MCC (Mitsubishi Ka Gaku), Kitakyushu (Japan)

Mechanical Engineer (Intern) 2016

Studied rotating machines of the chemical and partially resolved problems in a blower through
vibration analysis and overhaul. Visited and observed other plants as well.

Interac, Kitakyushu (Japan)

Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) (Part Time Job) 2015-2017

Teach English language at kindergartens and nurseries.

Struclab Co. Ltd.

Mechanical Engineer (Part time Job) 2016 – 2017

Structural Analysis