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This is a response to Kiran Wadhwa’s article ‘700 caught copying in Maths Exams’ dated 23rd March 2009.
21 and 28 – the numbers seem to be a joke! There are atleast 25-30 students in each class and atleast half the class cheats. I don’t think 21 and 28 students alone are copying through the city on each Maths exam day. There must’ve been more.
700 seems a bigger joke because those alone should’ve been caught copying our city. Math is not the only exam where copycats take their chance, all the others are too. A student can simply drop a pencil down, the one ahead gets the signal, they can discuss the brief answers under the bench and its all done. Flying squads make no sense if sent only for math and because the moment the invigilator sees them, he/she warns the students. Also letting the news out about the flying squad the day before in the papers, no ways makes sense! I think the board should set up cameras in every classroom without the invigilators knowing and see the truth themselves. This may be costly but definitely effective.
I gave my SSC exams in the year 2008. This is what I thought back then:
It’s very frustrating to see people copy when I get up at 2 am and study for about 14-16 hrs per day for almost four months ( December to March)! If its all about copying then why study? And what are the future people going to be like when they score well by copying? You cant really blame them too. Its their parents and teachers and others around who must stop them right away. But today I see some teachers / invigilators encouraging them. Also when it comes to admissions, Imagine I’m slogging to get that 90%. The cut off is say 90 . something % and I see that another person who copied and gets through right before me! How annoying is that when you’ve worked the whole year just to make your career. And this career is very important! These marks decide your life!
Today’s generation is a master in cheating! Even a PH. D degree would prove less! WAY TO LESS! Then why do they do it? Why do they lie to themselves? Their parents, teachers and to everyone around them? Just to please them! But then whats the point? And then if they are caught! But who even thinks about that? Because today so many encourage this ‘cheating’! If one student is caught! He has to waste 3 years! But everyone just wants to think of now! That is to please people! They have forgotten to be good human beings and they dont have to live on the basis of cheating, lying and so on but honesty, kindness and other principles. When they become independent grown ups, they fall prey to all wrong doings like cheating, corruption, stealing and so on. Corruption thus ends up beginning from childhood if they are not corrected! And then why should you be surprised to read newspaper headlines like 60-70 robberies in 40 days!
Life would be so much better if one doesn’t cheat and lie to himself and all those around him!

I am a Mechanical Engineer, explorer, photographer, gourmand and all those things. I enjoy working out, practicing aerial yoga, writing postcards and taking care of my plants.


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    June 10, 2011

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    1. Heena
      April 7, 2020

      Thank you!


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