Improving efficiency

Bang in the middle of Engineering, I found myself learning about Kanban and like straight from gembas of Toyota, Mitsubishi and others on the Japan Kaizen study tour led by Dr. G of WE School. The cherry on the icing was spending three more weeks in Japan establishing friendships, experiencing foods and exploring cultures.

After the 31 days I spent in the land of the rising sun, I saw how far ahead and close to perfect these guys from the island country were, naturally. I started to use the learnings in my last two years of engineering. All of it got me wondering about the deeper reasons of us Indians preferring foreign products for their quality, prices and after service.

How can we do it right the first time and in time? How can we be more environment friendly? ~ I wanted to help Indian SMEs using those answers.

So I went back to the birth country of the Toyota Production System to go beyond just getting a Masters and learning about being punctual, productive, respectful, diligent, considerate, observant, persevering and so on, to making them a part of me through various experiences. At the end of the two years, this lifestyle change was effortless, effective and evident.

Working a remote job, running my postcard business, bettering the flows at home, playing Age of Empires and various board games have honed my skills so much that I am now ready to turn my 2012 dream into reality by helping YOU.

Improving efficiency results in

  • Reduced costs.
  • Reduced lead time.
  • Elimination of wastes.


  1. Audit: Audit the current process through conversations with the staff and photos / videos.
  2. Identify areas: Identify non value adding tasks, problems to solve and areas of improvement which would have an impact on the over all system and prioritise them. 
  3. Implement solutions: Implement solutions using various techniques like kaizen, kanban, just in time, 5s and lean manufacturing.
  4. Going forward: With the results from the above changes we can run this cycle for more improvement.
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Current Projects

Arshad Electronics

Helping in setting up their new plant layout as they move factory buildings with the goal of holding minimum inventory. The changes include reducing material movement, understanding amount of inventory and WIP visually, systematically arranging items at the plant.


Helping KPAC to smoothen their interaction with clients for SEO optimisation. Database is being arranged systematically to have a clear idea on WIP, ranking progress, payments and like.

Recent Projects

Printing company

Implementation of Kaizen resulted in printing on demand, changing traditional designs, quality checks at every point, reducing rework, elimination of material waste and offering sustainable paper solutions.

Postcards by

Implementation of Kaizen resulted in printing on demand, reducing shippings costs of receiving prints from supplier, changing designs, quality checks at every point, reusing packaging, on time dispatches, changing to crisper logo, selling in sets, adding more utility, packing in cloth pouches handmade from scraps and choosing sustainable paper.

Therefore, moving forward from traditional ideas into being sustainable and unique – only one in India to make 100% recycled paper postcards which are not seed paper and postcard calendars.

Work from home for Heena

Implementation of 5s resulted in productivity increase through creation of a corner for working designed ergonomically and elimination of non value adding tasks through incorporation of a trolley.

Experiences and Education