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Explorer Heena at Dhuandhar falls

Jabalpur day trip

Ever since I heard from my mum about the beautiful Bhedaghat, I did my best to put it on my …
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Solo travels through Bihar

I can’t believe I was questioning every bit of my travel to the state that once had the world’s first-ever …
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Solo travels Nagaland for Hornbill Festival

Going by the impression that northeast has in most parts of India, even if I wanted, it pretty much couldn’t …
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Writing postcards

The title says it all. I love writing postcards. You ll soon see why. I actually have more than 700 …
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Many a times in our daily lives, any external stimuli has a potential tool to trigger a short circuit in our brain, momentarily pushing us down the memory lane and resurfacing those long-forgotten emotions that were once extremely close to our heart but could never be linguistically described. Putting on the ‘magical’ LaaL Chashma (means red glasses), empowers my fantastic batch mate and team mate from undergrad, Abhay to proactively search the daily crowd for such indescribable emotions, which he then uses to theme his stories around. Stories that will make you feel happily nostalgic of those once, ‘strange feels’ – one emotion, one episode at a time through a podcast in Hindi.


Frequent Flier Programs 101

What are Air miles /Frequent Flier Programs? Frequent flier programs …
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