Pastanga With KEEP.

When you know you have a Saturday+Sunday=Weekend, you wanna escape, disappear into a whole new world, and after all why not an ethnic place, in the state your studying in?
It was an unplanned plan that started of at the coffee shop in Hostel 4, honestly randomly, and then asking anyone and everyone possible.
From a night out it turned into a day trip, and instead of 6am we [[Me, Sneha di, Sharmistha di, Abhinav bh, Piyush and Abhishek]] left at 7am on a Saturday in a shared to Ranipool. Hogged on hot momos, picked up oranges, hopped on another shared for an hour to Pastanga.
Into the greens, a typical Sikkimese (Rai-Lepcha-Bhutia) Village – Pastanga in Assam Linzey at 1425m above the sea level in Sikkim, we got off and walked into a Pig and Piglet farm.
Later we got informed by KEEP personnel and the guide, they offered gave us a chance to chop wood and showed us around – a half an hour trek to the waterfall and the Rai house which is more than a hundred and fifty years old.
The very hospitable people then gave us lunch – Chicken, Squash vegetable, Churpi chutney, Dal and Rice at one of their home stays.
We attended a Puja where the Rais prayed to ask blessings from their forefathers.
I had a chance to click Oriental kids and ofcourse my friends.
We got into a cab, they booked us and headed to Ranipool.
So far. So good.
Yet it was too soon, to head back to college and Flamboyance caught our minds.
After having a pizza and garlic breads there, we returned back to SMIT with wonderful memories, pretty pictures and thoughts of going back again. and and and on time at 7pm!!

PS: Pastanga is much more than what we did. KEEP offers home stay, with traditional food, a cultural program, guide who narrates their interesting history and trek plans. For a typical traditional Sikkimese Experience, trust me, Pastanga is a must visit.

I am a Mechanical Engineer, explorer, photographer, gourmand and all those things. I enjoy working out, practicing aerial yoga, writing postcards and taking care of my plants.

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