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My mother Dr. Seema Shah currently heading the engineering program post grade 10 at Mukesh Patel School of Engineering, NMIMS and her Ph.D Student Leena Nadkar from the same school have published their Blockchain courses on . Some of them are free so make sure to click the links below!
1. Delving into Blockchain Smart Contracts: A Theoretical Approach 
2. Delving into Blockchain: A Comprehensive Overview
3. Delving into Blockchain Use Cases: A Detailed Overview
4. Digital Twin: A Comprehensive Overview
Do go check them out and get learning!

Rachel Johnson, a law student who lives in Bombay is a friend of my best friend but my friend now. She’s greatly interested in art and has done a couple of beautiful canvas paintings and eye catchy paper posters. During this lockdown, she started a project to sell customized eCards and ePosters to raise funds for the NGOs and individuals doing relief work. They have reached out to almost 5 such relief projects so far and hope to keep it going. All the available options for customization are here and don’t forget to hit her up for personalized ones. These eCards/ ePosters can be printed or sent via WhatsApp/mail. I did my bit and got a cool Porcupine tree eposter that I emailed to my best friend. Oh he loved it.

Many a times in our daily lives, any external stimuli has a potential to trigger a short circuit in our brain, momentarily pushing us down the memory lane and resurfacing those long-forgotten emotions that were once extremely close to our heart but could never be linguistically described. Putting on the ‘magical’ LaaL Chashma (means red glasses), empowers my fantastic batch mate and team mate from undergrad, Abhay Maheshwari to proactively search the daily crowd for such indescribable emotions, which he then uses to theme his stories around. Stories that will make you feel happily nostalgic of those once, ‘strange feels’ – one emotion, one episode at a time through his podcast in Hindi.

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