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I grew up communicating Gujarati at home, Hindi and Marathi on the streets and English all throughout school. The second foreign language I was introduced to was French and next, Japanese. Japanese language was the first language ever that I got to choose and I did so as I was going to study in the land of the rising sun.

While English comes naturally to me like to a native, I am close to having the same feels with Japanese thanks to living in Japan for two years and traveling there multiple times. I made the most out of every opportunity to practise my language skills with locals, whether I was travelling on a train, taking classes of local art forms like cooking and calligraphy at the community centre, doing part time jobs or volunteering.

In Japan, I had the chance to teach English at kindergartens and nurseries as well as do book reading in elementary schools. I have been a part of programs where school students interact with foreigners as well as trained locals on interacting with foreigners during a program hosted by Mitsusada community centre. I have taught online as well as offline lessons to people of all ages. I have guided a doctor with research jargon as he made presentations in English for a conference.

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Japanese language

Japanese classes given by Heena were very helpful. Sessions had a good pace and were interactive. Reading and writing exercises were also good. We practiced together so it was easier to understand. ~Anushree Acharya

English language

It was really wonderful experience to have an online english course with multitalented person. Thank you for understanding each student, preparing some fun methods in class, and giving so much attention to the student on how to improve the ability. ~ Lia Nurbanillah Fujianti

Heena taught not only English but also Indian languages and culture. My son could expand his view point of the world. ~ Yasuko Sugioka


Translations & Interpretations

Coming from an engineering and management background while knowing Indian languages, I would make a good fit.

Tuitions through mentorship

I believe in assisting language learners based on their needs and the kind of things one cant do best independently. These includes helping with pronunciations, conversations and tricks to remember.

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Enrolled at Mumbai University

  • N2 equivalent
  • Business Japanese

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