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I, Heena was born and raised in Mumbai, India but grew up in Sikkim, Manipal, Montenegro, Japan and all over the world. I enjoy exploring cultures, foods, sights, languages and meeting people. I have travelled through all union territories and most states of India. I have experienced about 20 countries including 45 of the 47 prefectures of Japan. Apart from blogging, I spend my time looking for greener alternatives in daily life, working out, collecting and writing postcards.

At the moment, I work remotely as a mechanical engineer, help SMEs in improving efficiencies, own a postcard shop and write a column on sustainable travel and lifestyle for the Gomantak Times every Wednesday. I also teach Japanese and English language, do interpretations and translations.

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  • Eco-friendly hostel in Goa
    Sustainability is the act of living while keeping future generations in mind and the ecological balance at a constant level. However, we lost track of it as the world progressed. Today, our oceans are full of plastic, our lungs full of micro plastics and our sights full of grey skies, taken over by climate change. Cigarette butts are the most commonly found trash in the world. The United Nations says we barely recycle ten percent of our plastic waste. If we don’t change our course now, there may be no coming back, no world remaining and may be no great…
  • Matcha Warabi Mochi Recipe
    Matcha Warabi Mochi is a traditional Japanese sweet great for summer. This is a favourite of mine as well as of Emperor Daigo! After all it does have the currently trending purest form of green tea – Matcha in it. I discovered the Matcha Warabi Mochi along with Matcha at Sushi ro, a conveyor belt sushi restaurant in Kitakyushu, Japan during my life in Japan and not on my first trip to Japan. Eventually I found myself heading there every week to satisfy my sushi, Matcha and Matcha Warabi Mochi cravings. Although some of the best ones I have had…
  • Is English language easy to learn?
    Yes, English language is easy to learn as we tend to hear it more often that we think. English language may seem difficult at first mostly because of the pronunciations but it becomes easy to learn it as we listen closely to it more frequently and begin to identify patterns. Finding the purpose Have you figured out why you want to learn English? Is it because everyone around you speaks it or because you need it to advance in your career? I strongly think it is important to find a strong purpose to make sure you dont lose track while…

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