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I received my first ever postcard – a yellow postcard in 2011 and I was introduced to only in the summer of 2013 by a local couchsurfer while I was interning in Montenegro. I heard from her how she would swap postcards with people from various countries and one fine day her Russian postcrossing friend also invited her home. The Russian asked her to stay with her and travel the country, while lending her the house keys. This story amazed me so much that I got back to India and began to write postcards first thing.

…after a certain quantity, photos apparently taken by chance, postcards chosen according to a passing mood, begin to trace an itinerary, to map the imaginary country that stretches out before us. ~Chris Marker

At some point, I was writing 20 postcards every alternate day and every afternoon I found myself running to see if the postman had dropped goodness between my two doors. I was learning from the postcard front, the special stamps, different places in the addresses and getting a new perspective from real stories in the message. By now, I have received some 1000 postcards from more than 100 different countries. Now, I make sure to write to my parents and friends from every new place I set foot in.

While I found some brilliant postcards all over the world in 2014, I wasn’t satisfied with the ones in India. I realised the tonne of stories I had to share through my travels or photographs and that’s when I started my little picture postcard shop. I had been on the editorial board as a Photographer for three years of engineering, won a photography competition at SMIT and been a part of The Photography Club at MIT.


The postcards are really good and the owner, Heena is also very cooperative ~ Khushi Teli

I am miles away from my city but the postcards calendar has my city pictures 🥰 and I have all my memories cherished when I see them everyday. Thank you Heena!!!! The calendar is perfect size and the quality is great. The personalized note is cherry on the cake😍❤️ ~ Khyati Rohra

Heena sent over postcards from Lucknow and I love how beautiful they all were. She makes sure everything is packed properly and that it reaches you the way it should. ~ Dale Dias

I got the set of postcards of Goa from Heena and they are an absolute treat. For someone who is an old-school person and a native resident of Goa, these postcards were a throwback to the olden but golden days of letters and postcards. There is no compromise on quality and Heena ensured that the order was delivered on time even through tight deadlines. All this, with the bonus of knowing that it’s environmental friendly. Keep up the amazing work! Looking forward to many more postcards in the future. 🙂 ~ Mario Fernandes

Amazing postcards truly loved it. It arrived on time and they are beautiful and wonderfully made. So thankful to Heena for taking care of this. Thank you. ~ Ezekiel Balin

I got one of the best pictures in form of postcards. I have never been to Lucknow, but the pictures actually have made me familiar with the city. The Goa series is also lovely! The bags and bookmarks worth possessing. Thank you and keep up the good work. ~ Prashant Bhardwaj

Amazing postcards, great variety and affordable prices. Very good service and timely delivery. One of my highly recommended postcard shops. ~ Anushka Sawarkar

Your postcards and collections from Japan have been unique and have always looked forward to seeing more. ~ Jinesh Bagadia

Every time I purchase postcards from Heena, I am blown away! They are such beautiful and unique photos and I love sending them to my friends around the world! They are also a perfect gift. ~ Diana Mantey

Got calendar bookmarks as a gift. Such a cool idea to make calendar on bookmark. Loved them. All the clicks are beautiful. And best part is its from recycled paper. ~ Kartika

I purchased postcards from Heena’s page and I love how she was very responsive in clearing out all the doubts that was coming through the process. And I love the postcards that I have purchased from her, from the quality to the print, it looks so much better in original. And she even wrote a postcard for me, it was really very sweet of her. ~ Marlin Yesmin

Top quality, Paused moments and Exploring sustainably beyond traditional postcards. ~ You can post it, paste it, hang it.

Postcards by

  • Paper: Flat -> textured -> 100% recycled (non seed paper)
  • Inner Packaging: Plastic pouch -> Cloth pouch handmade from scraps
  • Outer Packaging: Envelopes -> Reused materials
  • Print design: traditional both sides -> single side
  • No smudging of ink on paper
  • Quality checks at every point
  • Added utility through introduction of postcard calendars
  • Enhanced experience through addition of kits including stamps and stationery as well as workshops.

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