Finding The North Goa Fortune: Authentic Italian Pizza in Assagao

Are you looking to get a break from the warm beaches, crowded shacks and Goan food while holidaying at an ecofriendly hostel in Goa? Something beyond the touristy Bawri, good old Gunpowder and the hyped Vinayak? Well, just down the street from Vinayak lies the Fortune’s Pizzeria and Gelateria serving killer Italian Pizza in Assagao, Goa.

Fortune’s is cozy, filled with the aroma of authentic wood-fired pizzas and views of the OG Tiramisu. Headed by Chef Roberta hailing from the birthplace of Pizzas – Naples and with genuine wood fired ovens designed and constructed by her son, this Italian Restaurant has world famous Pizzas, the lesser known Panuozzo and everything in between – Bruschetta, Calzones, Lasagna and desserts.

Chef Roberta brings in decades of experience in the kitchen and of course generations of Italian tradition to every dish she crafts. Her dedication to preserving the essence of Italian cuisine shines through in each conversation and of course each bite, making every visit to Fortune’s in Goa a culinary journey to Italy.

Fortune’s is known for its Naples aka Napoli and Neopolitan style of Italian pizza in Assagao, Goa. The crust is as soft, light and cushiony as a sponge while the centre is thin with topping that is sure to steal the show. Ask chef and you will be recommended the Burrata and Pesto or the Four-Cheese Pizzas. Yes, even if you are a non-vegetarian.

The Four Cheese Pizza, Italian style Pizza I had was loaded with Cow mozzarella, buffalo mozzarella, burrata and parmigiano. It’s a haven for cheese lovers and real Italian food seekers. The moment you pick up a pizza slice, you will spot the cheese pull. Next you bite into it, and you experience the creamy, meaty and rich texture just melting in your mouth. As you end with the crust that has the prettiest web and no topping, it slowly clears your palate preparing you to relish the next slice.

The Panuozzo is next on my wish list from Fortune’s. Chef calls it a Pizza’s younger brother. She describes its origin, about 40 years ago, a pizza chef back in Italy wanted to make something different for his children. So, he made a long soft bread and stuffed it with local ingredients. Voila, Italy now had its own version of its sandwich but a sophisticated one that quickly gained popularity. Even at Fortune’s, the Chef makes them with the same method, she bakes the bread in the wood fired oven, after its fillings are added it goes back into the oven. It’s a sandwich that’s oozing with flavour while being crunchy on the outside.

And if you are ready to end on a sweet note, Chef Roberta’s Tart or Tiramisu is really the way to go. Luckily, I had the chance to taste both desserts which were made from scratch. The Strawberry Tart was made with fresh strawberries, smooth chocolate centre on a base of soft crumbs. The Tiramisu was a clear ‘Pick Me Up’. It was flowy, fluffy and fresh. And the best part, you will always be served the bake for the day and never from the previous day or before.

Fortune’s Pizzeria And Gelateria, Goa has a friendly vibe, simple seating and air conditioning. They are away from the crowds and have easy to find parking but yet accessible. They have incredible pizzas, delish tiramisus and drinks in glass bottles (hello zero waste living!). Fortune’s Pizzeria And Gelateria was truly a fantastic experience; I’d recommend putting on your list for Authentic Italian pizza in Assagao.

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