Climbing B&W Mt. Renock.

Going back in time, all the way to grade nine, reminiscing climbing Mt. Kalsubai as in the picture, the big smile makes me feel so awesome but i cant connect to my feelings back then.
But when today, the BMC-284 from HMI summitted Mt. Renock, our first Himalayan peak, the feelings are indescribable.
We started at 7am, post breakfast from our base camp – Chourikhag (14600ft), went up and down few hills and reached the Peaks base. The snow on the Black mountain, spread unevenly and not entirely, made it look like a long lost, black and white dream come true.
Inspite of running out of breath, not feeling well and the temptation to turn back, I saw the end so near that I went on.
After roping up and climbing, Bhutia sir welcomed us with a warm hug on the snow covered Peak at 16,200ft at 10.55 am. Congratulations and rope pictures followed making that incredible instant unforgettable.
Just a meter below we celebrated with Real Mango juice and Tiger biscuits. Then we came down sliding on snow, playing with it and happy.
All that together made the curtain raiser for 284, a day I will never forget.

Kudos to BMC 284!! 😀

I am a Mechanical Engineer, explorer, photographer, gourmand and all those things. I enjoy working out, practicing aerial yoga, writing postcards and taking care of my plants.


  1. Shreya
    June 17, 2011

    hey…as it is the pictures prove how amazing the experience must've been but this article just makes it sound so tempting…or i guess "inviting" would b the word… even to someone like me…

    1. Heena
      April 7, 2020

      Thats awesome!

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