Started my covid vaccination experience in Mumbai on Monday making me one step closer to beating the Covid-19 blues. I got my first dose of the Covishield, the covid vaccination in Mumbai for free thanks to the Brihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation at Nair Hospital.

It started with the Government asking us 18 to 44 year olds in India to register on 24th April for vaccination, postponing it to 28th April and promising vaccines from May 1 but then pushing it towards May end. So who would’ve thought that one could get vaccinated on May 1, at least in Mumbai right?

Do I get the covid vaccine?

I think I read somewhere that Maharashtra was hell bent on starting this game changing drive on May 1, also to mark Maharashtra Day so I tried refreshing cowin website several times. I happened to find slots fully booked at Rajawadi for 18+ on maybe April 30 around 0045hours. When I stalked the My BMC Twitter handle and the comments the next day I found out that they opened some other slots around 0130hours on April 30 which were gone in minutes.

So I stayed up until 0130 hours on May 1 to find nothing about the vaccination. The next day, after stalking their Twitter handle, I learnt that they had opened slots at 1930 on April 30. They would go about opening slots at the end of the day based on the stock remaining in Mumbai.

Where to book covid vaccination?

Luckily on May 2, I happened to see My BMC’s Instagram story around 1915 saying slots will open post 1930 so I frantically refreshed the Cowin website schedule page. A few minutes later, I saw slots available at BKC but the moment I tried to click on each time slot, it was full. I then chose the Seven hills 2 option without any thought and managed to get a spot in 0900-1100 for May 3. A few calls later, I understood my venue was Nair Hospital.

Where will I get my covid vaccination?

I arrived at Nair Hospital in Mumbai at 0800 hours, there were already some fifty odd people queued up and the sun was just beginning to shine bright. The line started to move only around 0915, it was systematic and impressively organised. The staff would unconsciously try to take my phone or ID to confirm so they had to be reminded that I would hold these out for them. There were 10 counters inside and well staffed. From the moment I left the waiting area until I reached the observation area, it barely took five minutes and that’s when I had the most interaction with people.

The person vaccinating me gave me information on dos and don’ts, told me the vaccine name, when I am ready for the next shot and gave me a heads up before giving me the actual jab. Once you finish your time in the observation area, you just have to inform the staff and leave. My arm started to hurt a bit around 0945hours when I got the jab and continued yet in bearable limits for a few hours later. But all in all, I was out by 1015hours.

Side effects for me continued for about 48 hours. My arm hurt, got stiff like after it’s been in a cast and I had fever along with tiredness on and off. But don’t let that experience discourage you from getting your shot because imagine dealing with this for two weeks if you test positive. Just account for such possible effects affecting your schedule and not let it stress you out.


How to register for covid vaccination?

Log on to the Cowin website, click on sign up and enter your phone number followed by the OTP sent to that number. Then click on register where you must will your ID name and number that you will carry to the centre. Divya has done a helpful video guide.

How to schedule covid vaccination?

Log on to the Cowin website, sign in with your registered phone number and OTP sent to that number. Click on schedule, followed by filling in your State and District name. Click on the centre with the green box and correct age, followed by the preferred time slot to confirm your booking. Some tips that might help to have a better experience are as follows.

  • Familiarise yourself with the process of scheduling so it’s a no brainer when you find a slot.
  • Stalk and follow the governing body’s Twitter and Instagram handles, including the comments. In Mumbai, MyBMC.
  • Once you are at the scheduling screen, the moment you see a green and 18+, blindly book.
  • Even if you are referring to other resources, prioritise cowin.
  • The Cowin website seems better than Aarogya Setu app and Cowin app as you can see all locations in your district at once.
  • Don’t bother to try to book a centre again that shows green but full whenever you click on the preferred time slots but try to book another one.
  • Vaccination centres for 45+ are completely different from those for 18-44 year olds.

What to carry on vaccination day?

  • Water
  • Mask
  • Sanitiser
  • Original registered ID card like Aadhar and Pan Card. (Didn’t need to photo copy)
  • Appointment letter (soft copy worked)
  • Cap
  • Hand Fan

Do’s and dont’s during covid vaccination.

  • Arrive an hour early.
  • Don’t touch anywhere, not even your mask or face.
  • Hold out your ID and phone or like so the staff doesn’t touch them.

Showing your documents at the vaccination centre.

  • Appointment letter at area entrance.
  • Appointment letter at the inner hospital entrance.
  • ID at the waiting area
  • ID at the reception.
  • Piece of paper with your name and phone number to the doctor.
  • The same piece of paper to the other reception desk.
  • The same piece of paper to the person vaccinating you.

Leave the vaccination centre with

  • Some important information that the person vaccinating you will give you.
  • A sheet of paper that you need for the second dose
  • A paracetamol
  • A vaccinated you.

What to do after covid vaccination?

  • Take rest.
  • Don’t stress and remember you’ll brave through the side effects.
  • Move your arm slowly if it feels like stiffening up.
  • Eat well and hydrate enough.
  • Encourage others to take their shot.
  • Continue to socially distance, wash hands, sanitise and wear a mask.

How to get a covid vaccination certificate?

In India, log on to the Cowin website, sign in with your registered phone number and the OTP sent will then bring you to a screen where you can generate the covid vaccination certificate.

Can I exercise after covid vaccination?

No, you should not exercise after covid vaccination as your body needs rest to build up the immunity against the coronavirus, the vaccine is induced for.

Can I take a shower after covid vaccination?

Yes, you can take a shower after covid vaccination in my opinion as you don’t know what has touched your skin. I always take a shower and wash my clothes after returning home from anywhere.

Why covid vaccination is important in India?

Covid vaccination is important in India because it seems like its the only realistic way to achieve herd immunity.

Is vaccine available in Mumbai?

Yes, vaccine is available in Mumbai for all 18 above.

Can I book a covid vaccination?

Yes, you can book a covid vaccination slot now.

Best covid vaccination centre in Mumbai?

Best covid vaccination centre in Mumbai is Nair Hospital in my opinion as that’s the only one I went to and was happy about it.

Best vaccine for covid in India?

Best vaccine for covid to fight against the coronavirus in India is currently Covishield as it seems to give an efficiency of 90%.

Is vaccine available for 18+?

Yes, in Mumbai, vaccine is now available for 18+ year olds.

Does covid vaccine cost money?

No, covid vaccine does not cost money in Maharashtra for 18 to 44 year olds.

Is covid vaccination available privately?

In Mumbai, covid vaccination for 18 to 44 year olds is not available privately but only in five public hospitals right now.

Is covid vaccination done on Sunday?

Covid vaccination in Mumbai is done on Sunday too as it was done on May 2.

Can I get the Johnson and Johnson vaccine in India?

No, you cannot get the Johnson and Johnson vaccine in India right now as only Covishield and Covaxin are available.

Do I have to get the covid vaccination?

Yes, you should get the covid vaccination as it has shown to reduce infection unless you are in a special case.

Overall, if you have managed to book a Tatkal ticket or a VirDasatHome show which sell out in minutes, you got this. May be you were training for this all your life? Jokes aside, it was a fabulous experience and as they vaccine saves lives, so do go get jabbed ASAP.

PS: This blog contains my opinions and experiences. If it helped you, do consider leaving a comment. Thank you.

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