Here’s your quick guide to writing postcards created from the experience of sending and receiving more than 1000 postcards each way since 2014. I love writing postcards and have received postcards from more than 100 different countries.

Postcard from Italy teaching me how to make a nice entree

What is a postcard?

They are a typical 4inx6in piece of paper with art on one side, space for writing on the other side. They can simply handed over in person but the true purpose is to send them across a globe with a message and stamps.

What is postcard writing?

Postcard writing is actually a hobby that includes writing a message or making a doodle. This could be anything although I prefer the only truly meant by your heart. It involves ones expressions and thoughts. I believe you will find out way more through this guide to writing postcards.

Things to write on a postcard.

One can write about their day, a memory related to the picture or artwork work or a story that moved them. They could also just draw, or write about a trip they took. One can even write about their current situation or future plans.

How do you send out postcards?

When sent the traditional way, you don’t know where the postcard exactly is and when or whether it will reach. That idea itself makes this process interesting. I believe that you’re sending out a piece of you, sharing knowledge and surprising someone.

Make or buy a postcard here or anywhere else available, buy some stamps, get together all the stationary you might have and some water. Make sure to add relevant stamps to the postcard using water, usually on top right, the to address below it and further the from address. Write a message and decorate it with all the stationary you got. Then head to the post office or any post box and drop it of. Avoid asking the postal departments of India about the stamp value to be attached as they are usually unaware and give you a wrong information. I am sure you can trust this guide to writing postcards.

Who do you send postcards to?

You could write postcards to yourself, friends, family and strangers, all over the world! You can find these lovely strangers on social media communities like Instagram and Facebook or we’ll request an address off Postcrossing and immerse yourself in the cycle. In case of Postcrossing, once you receive an address, you write a postcard with a code and send it. Once they receive it, in a similar way someone else altogether will send you a postcard. In case of getting addresses over social media, I prefer that one writes a postcard and when they receive it, the other writes back. If they need it, please do share this guide to writing postcards with them

How about sending postcards from india?

If you use a yellow postcard, there’s no need to add any stamps if you’re sending them within India but if they are going out, attach 14.5₹ worth of stamps. If you use a printed postcard, attach 6₹ worth of stamps for within India and 15₹ for outside of India. Its as simple as that.

How about sending postcards from other countries?

Get in touch with the local post office or search it off the internet on how to send postcards from other countries.

How to write a nice postcard?

Dont print paste a message but handwrite and pour your heart out. This of some nice topics and organise your thoughts. Further, pen it down in readable hand writing. This postcard writing guide is coming from writing so many postcards since 2014.

Postcard writing checklist

  • Postcard
  • Pen
  • Stamp
  • Water
  • Any other stationary
  • Energy to get to the post office

Postcard writing tips.

Try to attach stamps with the year mentioned on them. These are special aka philatelic stamps that actually hold value. Request your post office for the special cancellation. A cancellation is a seal that is put on the postcard crossing the stamps meaning the postcard is ready to travel. This special cancellation could have been released on a special occasion.

The artwork, the message, the stamps, the cancellation and address all carry knowledge introducing you to something new.

Mention anymore questions you might have on most cards below and I’ll be most happy to share them. I hope this postcard writing guide helps you out. Do I see you writing a postcard now?

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