Yes, English language is easy to learn as we tend to hear it more often that we think. English language may seem difficult at first mostly because of the pronunciations but it becomes easy to learn it as we listen closely to it more frequently and begin to identify patterns.

Finding the purpose

Have you figured out why you want to learn English? Is it because everyone around you speaks it or because you need it to advance in your career? I strongly think it is important to find a strong purpose to make sure you dont lose track while you‘re on it. It best be because you want to learn it and not because you need to do what others around you are doing. So take some time out and may be pin up those reasons on your wall to remind yourself, especially when you feel like giving up.

My Experience

I learnt English as one of my first languages and therefore it comes to me as almost native. Thanks to that skill and my knack for picking up new languages, I have been able to teach English in Japan to people of various ages, privately and publicly, in groups and one on one. I have seen in those two years that no matter the age, as long as they were determined they were able to pick it up and improve very quickly. They no more asked, is English easy to learn.

Availability of resources

The best part about learning English is the number of resources that are available in every format and so many of them are free. Its a great motivation to get started as your major battle is won. You may not even have to step out of your home in these pandemic times and can access them at any time.

Although the free resources may not serve the entire purpose and you might need help with someone to check your pronunciations, teach you tricks here and there, confirm your sentence formations and so on. To overcome those, choose a teacher who can meet your needs and reply to your is English easy to learn question

Secret to making it easy

The secret is to make time with intention and put efforts to learn to answer your question – is English language easy to learn. Set out a calendar and make sure to add a variety to be able to enjoy your learning. Some of the ways to not make it monotonous are to hire a good teacher, listen to podcasts, watch TV shows with subtitles, read books, exchange postcards in that language and talk to yourself. These can ensure that you continue your learning smoothly and see an uphill curve in all forms like speaking, reading, writing and listening.

Attach stories around grammar rules or visuals around words to make this learning easier. Crack a joke with a friend or ask a friend what they think of a foreign word that they dont understand to form that story. This should make things easier.

Getting started

Start with learning what exactly you need like imagine having a conversation with someone. Think about where you might get stuck and that is exactly what you would need to address first. While you talk to yourself, what do you find having a hard time translating in English. If you find a new word while listening to a podcast then look it up right away. Then, every time you learn something new, try and form sentences in your head, put up notes on your wall or make it your wall paper to memorise.

Are you new to English or what of these secrets are you yet to try? I hope you found something that excites you and you no more wonder is English language easy to learn. If you’re even considering giving up, remember to check out that sticky note you put up.