Japan in 2019.

Pretty much every year since 2015, I have been in the land of the rising sun, one of those few countries I love the most and I also call it home.

At the highest waterfalls of Japan

This year, I visited Japan during rainy season and I forgot how annoying yet nice it could get. I didn’t see a lot of sunny days yet the climate was decent. What sucked was that I had to change couple of my plans but that’s all in a the massive span of three weeks.

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Anyway, I would like to share some things that have never happened with me before in Japan.

  1. Not once before have so, I mean SOOO many people told me my Japanese is so good and how come I speak so well.
  2. The JR staff at one of the stations came to the platform and said good bye to me until i lost sight of him from the train.
  3. My neighbour at Kabuki, lent me her binoculars for a bit since our seats were high up.
  4. One of the guesthouse owner came picked me up at the station way before the planned time, took me to the southernmost point of the main land, then arranged a party with some of his friends, took me for sightseeing early next morning and saw me off until my train left.
  5. My boss took me to see the lavender fields by car even though I thought I had seen them before.
  6. Another guesthouse owner put me in an empty dorm room so it would my own room.
  7. My friend took me on a bike ride through Shinjuku and Shibuya.
  8. I met most of the Japanese I met in Auroville, again in Tokyo over a curry party.

What has blown your mind away or made your day? Comment below .


5 responses to “Japan in 2019.”

  1. Awesome writing Heena. Way to go. Looking forwards to reading more from you. ?

    1. Thank you Srishti

    2. Thank you srishti!

  2. Dr Haresh Shah

    It reminded our japan tour 18 days,awesome memorable in 2017

    1. Indeed!

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