A bookmark calendar has the months printed on a small bookmark sized paper that can be used as a bookmark. With the onset of 2021, you bet we all have some interesting new resolutions in place?

bookmark calendars
Bookmark calendars

Can you imagine a calendar on something as handy as a bookmark? The size makes it extremely convenient to carry around and it may or may not be on a separate sheet. Once can take a quick glance at it anytime and plan efficiently. This kind of bookmark can be pinned up on a notice board or used to remember a page in a book.

This calendar on a bookmark comes with a general plain back. They come in a fixed size of 2in x 6in or 10.16cm x 7.62cm. One can write their favourite quote or anything they like on the back.

Why should I use a Bookmark Calendar?

The Bookmark calendar doubles as a regular bookmark and a calendar of course. A month can be viewed at once and could be used to make quick plans. The calendar also adds utility to regular monthly changing art.

As a new year starts off it encourages you to make a new resolution of reading at least one new book every month. The image on the front would help you look forward to a new book. This induces excitement and something to look forward to when you may be stuck at home due to unavoidable circumstances. So whenever, you want to confirm on the date off the bookmark calendar in your favourite, you will be reminded to read the book and therefore forming a habit.

The back of the bookmark calendar can be filled with words or doodles. This allows you to express your thoughts and organise them. It can be used to even mark a page in a diary and and add life to it. Once could also make a list of the to do list at the back or mention their favourite time of the month then.

Bookmark calendars for all

Bookmark calendars can be used by kids in their school books and adults in their formal work diaries. They are literally for people of all kinds and ages.

They would work best to brighten your day or someone else’s. It would make a perfect gift for someone who is having a hard time, encouraging them to build a new habit as well as encouraging them to learn a new topic.

It makes perfect sense for someone who is in short of space or doesn’t have a wall to hang a calendar on. It is absolutely portable and can be carried to anywhere.

Where to buy a bookmark calendar?

These little calendars are a bit hard to find in regular store but may be with some research online they should be easy to be found. One can personalise them through the plenty of printing places or simply buy the prettiest ones on 100% recycled paper from Calendars 2021.

How to use an old bookmark calendar?

After the year is over, these kind of calendars can be continued to use always . It can be used as a bookmark in making a junk journal or as book cover. These bookmarks can be framed on an empty wall or even gifted! It can be added as a bookmark in a larger book or used in a larger collage. You could even use it to educate kids or donate it to an NGO for them to put it up on their wall!

There is just so much one can do with a bookmark calendar, it takes bookmarks to an absolutely new level! Go grab your bookmarks now on Calendars 2021!

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