A postcard calendar includes the certain months together or separately on a postcard sized paper of 4in x 6in which can be pinned up or sent out to a friend. The new year is almost here and I think all of us are looking forward to something new on our pin boards.

Postcard Calendars by heena
Postcard Calendars

Have you ever seen a calendar with a postcard before? I think it makes the most sense because the size and the very fact that every month may or may not be on a separate sheet. It helps to quickly glace at an entire month and relate the date to day. The postcard calendar can be pinned up on a notice board, attached to a diary or actually posted to a friend.

The calendar with postcard may come with the general postcard back (space for stamp, address and a message) or even blank. They come in a fixed size of 4in x 6in or 10.16cm x 15.24cm. This space gives one the canvas to pour their heart out.

Why should I use a Postcard Calendar?

The Postcard calendar will help you get a quick look at an entire month in one go. This reduces stress from having to do additional math or figuring out the date on a certain day and vice versa. It tells you visually, how many days you have left for an exam, for your next salary, for your next trip and for your next occasion.

If teamed up with a photograph, it makes great for art that is changing every month. This induces positive vibes bringing back beautiful memories. It can also give you ideas as to where you would like to return again.

Say, you’re talking to a friend on the phone and making a plan. Then you spend a few minutes fumbling through the diary to find the right page and your friend is waiting at the other end. May be your wall calendar isn’t near the phone too. That time and silence can totally be saved if have a postcard calendar pinned up right next to your phone or placed in a diary to relate the date to day and find your free day!

Another amazing thing about postcard calendar is that you have space at the back to write or doodle. You could pen down the best of things that happened to you that month or a to do list for then. This makes it easier to count your blessings, go back to it on your worst of days and even helping you remember less. You could totally turn all these calendars into a little book and there you have an entire years story in short.

One could even send a postcard calendar out to a friend, sharing about their month, about an occasion there or simply related to the image.

So you see how calendars with postcards have so much more utility than regular postcards!

Recycled Paper postcards

Recycled paper postcards are made of older papers. In such cases trees are not cut for the percentage of recycled part. These papers may be 100% recycled or may even used recycled paper partially. So 100% recycled paper is the best for the environment as our forests can be preserved. Also all the old waste paper doesn’t land up in landfill where is will release as methane gas or down other living things’ throats as it does have chemicals. The process of creating new paper requires more energy compared to recycling paper and therefore uses larger resources. As postcards are coming back in fashion via Postcrossing and other mediums, it would be best to move to the greenest option of postcards on recycled paper. Just make sure to check with your vendor for the certification and confirm the facts. Next time you buy a postcard, wont it be a recycled paper postcard?

Postcard calendars for all

Postcard calendar is for people of all ages. Kids can use it in a scrap book, to learn about a new place and express themselves. It can help adults organise theirs thoughts and plans. The working class can add some decor to their formal diaries and home makers can travel through photos.

Where to buy a postcard calendar?

Calendars with postcards are not commonly available but could definitely be designed on your own. Although one place where postcard calendars on recycled paper are easily available is on Calendars 2022 where the theme is travel and you can also find out the best of places to visit in 2022! Imagine virtual travel at its greenest!

How to use an old postcard calendar?

An old postcard calendar can be sent out to a favourite with a memory from that month. It can we used in making a junk journal or as book cover. It can be framed on an empty wall or even gifted! It can be added as a bookmark in a larger book or used in a larger collage. You could even use it to educate kids or donate it to an NGO for them to put it up on their wall!

There is just so much one can do with a postcard calendar, it takes postcards to an absolutely new level! Get your copy right away from Calendars 2022.

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Postcard calendars for 2022

The 100% recycled paper postcard calendars for 2022 are titled as Running Mumbai and you can buy them here. They are a set of 12 postcards with photos in and out of the heritage building of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation located in Fort, Mumbai. This one has opened up to the public after 128 years and is absolutely stunning. There’s also a calligraphed map along with the calendars months. It’s apt for everyone who can’t visit in person right away or well wants some stunning memories of the building that runs Urbs Prima in Indis to keep.