A wall calendar is a booklet of months for a certain time period that is meant to be placed on an empty part of a wall. With 2021 in sight, its definitely on all our minds. Its building an excitement of owning something new and what this new thing is going to offer to us.

Wall calendars made by heena
Wall calendars

A calendar is a fantastic way to organise, plan and stay on top of your game. It helps improve efficiency, mental health and be happier. It gives utility to a work of art and also gives the opportunity for the art to be changed on a regular – monthly basis. It comes in various sizes, need based as well as can be used anywhere from homes to classrooms to offices.

Since the it is designed for an entire year, mostly from December of a year until a January of after one year but they almost always include all the months of the year they are made for. They might just include the month or even a planner sort of a page where your thoughts can be penned down.

Why should I use a wall calendar?

The wall calendar helps to organise your schedule so nothing is missed out nor overlapped. Studies have shown that its use helps in relieving anxiety as it is pictorial. Thanks to these, you can now plan, do lesser math and have to remember lesser in your mind. Unlike a phone, messages or music wont distract you from planning. Also it can almost always remain in view for a glance unlike having to switch on your laptop and opening a particular app on your phone. These often come with photographs or artworks these days and I believe each have a story to tell or some positive vibes to radiate. The best part is that these calendars are shareable with who you are living, working or studying with.

What is the size of a wall calendar?

These wall calendars usually come in various sizes depending on the need. Generally, the heights differ from 16cm to 28cm and the width from 21cm to 27cm. One can choose them based on the space they have on their empty wall. Therefore the writing space would differ as well.

Where to buy a wall calendar?

The calendars are available all over the internet or stationary stores. The pre orders usually start a few months prior to starting a new year. For some beautifully curated calendars check out the ones by Calendars 2021 .

Who can use a wall calendar?

The best part is that they are best for all ages once one can start reading and understanding time. From homes to schools to offices to classrooms, they are a perfect fit, no matter where. The utility is pretty much constant but the effectiveness would differ from place to place.

Wall calendar for kids

The wall calendars can be kids friendly with art work or photographs used to educate them. This could pass positive vibes, great bright colours and teach them about a new idea. It can also help to encourage habit forming and organizing. It can teach kids about handling something with care.

Wall calendar for classroom and school

They can used in a classroom as a scheduler. It could encourage positivity, discussions and learning of new ideas. It inculcates the idea that change is the only constant. It could be a topic for a future essay home work.

Wall calendar for homeschool

A home school is fantastic place to put up a wall calendar and it could give out positive vibes. It leads to discussions and it could be used to teach something new. It can train students to become more productive and also promote mental health. It will take the stress of kids from having plenty to do and running out of time as visualization will become easier.

Wall calendar for office

It could be a great asset in an office and it would let everyone share their views on a certain topic. It could remind people of their fond memories and give them ideas to do new things together. This would further encourage positive discussions. It could be a common office scheduler so it could take out time off unnecessary discussions.

Personalised wall calendar

It is very much possible to personalise wall calendars by taking your images, mentioning the holidays you require to be printed on a calendar, the size and so many other conditions. These can be used for promotion of business or just giving out freebies for your clients to never forget you. One can even take a bunch of family photos or even of friends and put them up on a wall calendar. It could be a monthly changing frame but with utility.

How to use old calendar?

Very often, the exact same year repeats after a few years and it can be saved up or each sheet is separated to be used as a poster or book wrap after the end of that period. It can be donated to a non government organisation or some schools to promote education on new topics. But in the end, please compost the paper part, if spiral bound then reuse in making a junk journal and if there is a string then use it to tie something up.

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